Oil Change Coupons For Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

Oil Change Coupons For Summer 2019

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As we welcome in the snowy Winter season we know oil can be the last thing on your mind. But having the right oil in the winter season can make all the difference for needed upkeep with your engine. We’re pleased to offer our auto repair customers at Juniper Auto Repair our very popular Oil Change Coupon making your oil change, fluids top-off, and complimentary tire rotation, all for the low cost of $29.99..*

*Coupon applies to standard-sized vehicles and up to 5 quarts of oil per coupon. Some restrictions and charges will apply to over-sized vehicles. Please let us know if you have any questions at your drop-off.


(*Note you do not need to print this coupon. Simply call ahead or reference this web page at your service appointment.)

This Spring  & Summer 2019 Oil Change Coupon is Valid Through August 31, 2019

Coupon Includes:
Fill Up On All Fluids (windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze, etc)
Free Tire Rotation (Free Tire rotation good for all vehicles with no monitoring system.)

Just $29.99 with coupon!!

*Please note that Oil Change Coupons good for up to 5 quarts. (Fills most standard cars, mini-vans, and trucks) Oversized trucks and vehicles can incur additional charges.
*some restrictions may apply

South Philly’s most trusted car repair shop- Juniper Auto Repair is pleased to offer a fresh round of coupons for our newly renovated Riggins Station at 1900 W Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145. This remains our centralized and only location in the greater Philadelphia area!

Tire Change Coupon Summer 2019

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Tire Change Coupon Summer & Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

Juniper Auto Repair is firing out a batch of Winter 2018 coupons, celebrating the Winter holiday season with 15% off your next Full-Tire change when you choose NEXEN brand tires!

Juniper Auto Repair doesn’t need to remind you why is so incredibly important that your tires are up-to-date to keep you and your family safe. Being your car’s sole contact with the road, quality tires can be the difference between a safe and very-unsafe vehicle.

Juniper Auto Repair is proud to once again offer Nexen Tire brand giving you 15% off your next full 4-tire change!

“Why Nexen brand tires?”

That’s simple.  With over 70 years of experience, industry leading warranty, and safety record punctuated by the fact NEXEN has NEVER seen a re-call– are just a few of the reasons South Philly’s Juniper Auto Repair is so proud to offer this discount with NEXEN brand tires.

Juniper Auto Repair continues to proudly serve South Philadelphia with a state-of-the-art, and newly renovated Gulf Station at 1900 W Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145.

Stop in today and take advantage of this limited time Tire Change Coupon!

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*Note you do not need to print this coupon. Simply call ahead or reference this web page at your service appointment.