Oil Change Coupon For Fall & Winter 2016

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South Philly Oil Change Special Discount Fall 2016

Your most trusted South Philly car repair shop- Juniper Auto Repair is pleased to announce our Oil Change Coupon for the Fall season 2016!

Hard to believe it’s been over two years since we moved into our newly renovated home- Gulf Station at 1900 W Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA 19145 aka 1900 Pollock St. This remains our centralized and only location in the greater Philadelphia area!

With cold Winter weather approaching, we’d like to offer customers both new and old- Juniper Auto Repair‘s very popular Oil Change Coupon featuring your premium service oil change, free fluids top off, with complimentary tire rotation free for all vehicles with no monitoring system, all for the low cost of $29.99.

Why keep up with your oil changes?

Oil is used in cars and trucks as a lubricant for many of the moving instruments. This oil lubrication is important to prevent friction in the engine. Modern car and truck engines create so much friction and demand on the oil that the chemical composition of the oil eventually breaks down and can no longer provide proper lubrication. Without regular oil changes, engine parts start to generate extra friction and can begin to rub against each other. We don’t need to tell you the results of which can cause severe damage and ultimately ruin your vehicle. Not to mention presenting a serious hazard to your safety. Spending a few bucks now will save you big bucks down the line. So save even more money with Juniper Auto repair’s 2016 Fall season Oil Change Coupon below.


oil change coupon winter 2016